Over generations the humble swag has evolved from a piece of raw canvas to serve as the only form of bedding for farm and station workers who travelled Australia in search of work. This piece of canvas shielded them from cold blustery winds and howling rain. This cloth became known as a swag and its owner a swagman. The Swagman would spread the canvas cloth on the ground and sandwich himself in between by folding it in half, then throw in an old blanket for added warmth.

As with the Swagmen, we at Crashpad live for the outdoors. Our purpose for roaming may be different, but we celebrate the spirit of the Australian bushman and his intrinsic love for the outdoors week-in-week-out. We don’t just make it, we live it. We do this so that we can bring you a product that puts a smile on your face every time you use it.

Whether you are embarking on a four wheel drive expedition, fishing trips, hunting trips or a family weekend away we literally have got you covered regardless of the environment you are about to head out into. It is these environments that we test our swags in, from the rugged Victorian High Country, to the deserts of central Australia our swags are put to the ultimate test.

Our swags are based on the input of a team with decades of experience in the Australian bush, camping, four wheel driving, fishing and hunting. We get constant feedback from our brand ambassadors and more importantly our customers in a never-ending search to constantly improve our swags. When designing our swags we think about all the details and the avoidable problems so that you don’t have to. It’s the attention to detail that makes a great product, the little things you don’t notice because it all comes together to perform as it should. The detail comes from years of experience using adventure products. We understand and know what works and we incorporate this knowledge into our designs. We also do it with an unrivalled style in mind.

We don’t take chances with quality. All our zips, textiles, poles, threads, clips, buckles, toggles and raw materials are trialed meticulously. The result is a range of swags that does what it is meant to, and holds true to the sum of its parts.

With us, you can rest assured you are getting the best swag. We believe that they are the best bang for buck swag on the market today. If you don’t believe us then ask our customers. There is a reason word of mouth has been our most successful marketing medium. Through exposure to different locations all across Australia, the Crashpad trademark has come to be viewed as a symbol of excellence everywhere it is seen. A mark of quality. A must-have essential for the adventurous at heart.

It has grown into a lifestyle or what we simply call the Crashpad Life Style.