Swag Packages

The beauty of a swag is the convenience of having all your bedding in one nice simple package. When you get to camp you simply unroll your swag and set it up in a couple of minutes and it’s ready for a nights sleep. To add that convenience to your camping experience we have combined a number of swag and sleeping bag options into packages to meet all your camping needs. Not only will you be sleeping in comfort but you will also have a package that is very versatile no matter the conditions that you are camping in.

Consider this:

  • take a Crashpad swag and add the following;
  • the Crashpad Sleep System. One sleeping bag with seven sleeping options. This gives you maximum versatility in any weather conditions. To round it out, add
  • A Crashmat. You can use this as a ground sheet under your swag in wet and muddy conditions. A shade awing. A wind break, or any other number or uses.

All your camp bedding needs in one package, the ultimate in convenience.