Sleeping Bags

Time spent outdoors whether on a four wheel driving adventure, camping with the family or on a fishing trip with some mates is one of the most exciting (and affordable) ways to enjoy nature. All you need is a group of buddies who share similar passions for fun and adventure and camping gear that must not only do the job it was intended for but do it in such a way as to enhance your camping or adventure experience.

There are many items that adventurers will load into their four wheel drives or boats when they head outdoors, two of the most essential are a great swag and a sleeping bag. When it comes to outdoor adventure, your gear can make or break the trip. That’s why it needs to be reliable.

There are a few considerations to factor in when choosing a reliable sleeping bag. These include things like warmth efficiency, user-friendliness, the materials used and versatility in all weather conditions.

Warmth efficiency means the sleeping bag’s ease and speed of expansion after being unpacked. Sleeping bags are designed to trap air when unpacked, and for a frequent camper like you, you would find comfort in a sleeping bag that can achieve its promised warmth very quickly. A sleeping bag that takes a long time to warm up, particularly on cold nights will have you suffering through a miserable nights sleep. It will also deal a blow to your overall camping zeal because you will be dreading the uncomfortable nights ahead. So don’t underestimate the effect of a sleeping bag on your adventure and a great nights sleep.

Not all sleeping bags are fast enough in trapping air. What this means is that patience is a virtue you need to have for the bag to muster all the fluff it can before you slide in, or better yet, settle with less fluff and comfort. But why wait while you have a better option instead? Every minute of your getaway counts, and the last thing you need while out on your adventure is dread getting into bed. It’s an instant damper.

A good and reliable sleeping bag is one that’s also made from great quality materials. The sleeping bag outer needs to be tough enough to cope with being thrown around inside a swag or tent. It needs to have some form of water resistance. The inner materials need to comfortable and warm on cold nights and not cook you on warm nights.

Another thing to look out for in an ideal sleeping bag is one that is user friendly. You might think a sleeping bag is just a big sack that you climb into, while this is true there are some features that will make it user friendly. The zip should have a puller on it to make it easy to grab. The zips should also have anti snag tape sewn in so that you can simply grab the zip puller and zip up the bag without fear of snagging. It’s the little things that make a great product.

At Crashpad, we’ve been there and done that it when it comes to camping with sleeping bags. It is why we are so proud of the Crashpad Sleep System. It is the most versatile sleeping bag money can get you on the market today. It boasts multiple features, all geared towards achieving two things in particular: comfort and versatility in all weather conditions across the year. One sleeping bag with seven different sleeping configurations. This one bag allows you to camp in the warm climates of Australia’s north or the cold nights in winter of the Victorian high country. Now that’s a sleeping bag!