Crashpad swag - Jamieson River in the Victorian High Country.


Crashpad and Crashpad Stealth swags - Little Desert National Park.


Crashpad swags - camping in the Northern Grampians.


Crashpad swags - Murray River boat trip. 


Crashpad swag - sandbar camping on Murray River.


Crashpad swags - Troopy's, swags, beach, that's Living.



Crashpad swags - packed after another Victorian High Country trip.               


Crashpad swag - camping at Belah Campground in Mungo National Park.


The 'Crashmat' being used as an awning, Victorian High Country.


Crashpad swag - western Grampians, full moon rising.


Crashpad Swag - sunset on the Murray River, west of Wentworth.


Crashpad Swag - Mt Buangor, quick overnight escape.