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One of the great things about having a 4wd and a few camping basics is that when you get a couple of days of free time you can just hit the road and head out on an adventure.  At Crashpad we do this on a very regular basis, either to test our gear in a never ending search for improvements and to put potential products we are working on through their paces. Often these trips are spur of the moment and we just throw the few things we need in a 4wd and head off. We don’t plan on where we are going to camp or what tracks we are going to explore, we simply pick a general area and point the truck in that direction and let spontaneity take over.

Travelling like this allows for ultimate freedom, if you come across a magic camping spot or a fishing hole that looks like it might be rewarding then you can simply hit the brakes and explore it. It might just turn out to be a cracking camp site that draws you back years later. Sure from time to time the track you head down might turn out to be nothing and you might have to do a bit of backtracking but isn’t that all part of the adventure.

We usually like to stop at the pub on the way through the local town close to the area we are headed and have a beer and a chat with the publican. They are often a wealth of knowledge on sneaky little camping spots that only the ‘locals’ know. If nothing else you also help the local economy by throwing a few dollars over the bar for a quiet beer.

A few years ago we were on a trip like this out exploring along the Murray River on the Victorian side downstream from Wentworth on the opposite bank. While stopped for a bite of lunch a couple of old fisherman pulled up in their 4wd with the same idea. We got to chatting and they suggested we follow them down the Old Mail Route and they would guide us into a camping spot that they reckoned was ‘just the bees knees’. Anyway after half an hour or so of driving and numerous twists and turns through the scrub we came out on the most magical sandbar. I’m sure those old fisherman left with a great sense of satisfaction looking at the smiles on our faces. We camped in that spot for a few days fishing and swimming and enjoying what truly was a magical spot.

To this day it remains one of our favourite camping spots. The directions to it you ask? Point the car to the Murray River west of Mildura and start exploring and you might just come across it, but does it really matter if you don’t because you will find your own perfect little camping or fishing spot. Oh and if you see those two old fisherman please thank them again.


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